8. Sob Story
Rosella lay curled up in a fetal position, sobbing to herself with puffy red eyes and a nose to match.  Her
father had laid down the law and it seemed as though mother and brother were in agreement with him.  The
emotionally fragile princess felt defeated by the odds of her rigid royal family.  She knew down deep they
were only trying to look out for her safety.  On the plus side, she wouldn’t have to worry about getting zapped
into a pile of powder by a vengeance seeking Lolotte for their last encounter.  But on the minus side, yearn for
adventure would gnaw at her wanderlust heart.  Rosella turned her face into her pillow and cried long and
loud, muffled within the plush until her fitful body resigned itself to sleep.  She would awake to be the princess
of Daventry, and nothing more.
-The End
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