7. It Slipped Her Mind
Rosella paced the length of her room several minutes before realizing that saving Tamir could not wait, and
certainly could not be delayed on account of her father’s grounding her!  Genesta needed help, and Edgar… she
must find out what was happening with him.  Why was he a monster again?  Was he really helping Lolotte in her
evil plans?  And speaking of Lolotte; how was it possible that she was still alive?
Rosella stopped in her tracks and clicked her heel down on the stone
tablet floor defiantly.  Turning to look out the window at the burning
purple sunset, an idea began to form as she imagined her escape.  Short
hurried steps carried her to the windows as she thrust them wide open.  
The wind whipped across the grassy plain far below and curled right
up the castle wall breezily cool on her excited face.  Peering out, she
noticed there was a narrow ledge outside her window that led along the
wall to a lower roof that in turn led to an iron pole she might be able to
slide down to the ground from, thus escaping her current confinement.  
The taste of freedom was deliriously sweet on her imagination, and she
didn’t give due consideration to the slick wooden bottoms of her black
leather shoes.
With a girlish grunt, Rosella pulled herself up onto the window’s ledge, gingerly holding the length of her
whipping red gown as she lowered one leg at a time onto the narrow ledge outside, bracing against the wind.  
One look down was enough to inform the foolish princess that it was certainly not a good idea.  Seeing just
how far down it really was from out here on the ledge made her tiny heart pound as a cornered rabbit’s might.  
After a couple deep reassuring breaths that she was okay, Rosella lifted her tender cheek from the rough wall
of the castle, sure it was raw, to slide herself a few more feet over.  Her hands trembled, and palms sweat in
contrast to the cold stone beneath them as she moved.  If only the princess’s admirable focus were enough.  
Alas her smooth heels proved to be an unwise choice for this climb, and it wasn’t long before the na´ve
princess slipped backwards.  Rosella scratched with her hands trying to grab onto the flat castle wall,
breaking a nail in the process.  Her long braids whipped in the wind behind her while her gown blew upward,
embarrassingly revealing her undergarments.  She let out a wide blue-eyed scream before going THUD!
At the sound of the princess’s scream, knights on patrol headed her way with hunting hounds barking in
alarm.  “How am I going to explain THIS one?” thought Rosella.  But then she realized she didn’t have to.  
She was already dead.  Nice going Rosella!
-The End