6. If the Shoe Fits…
“I can’t go wandering around this ugly swamp without finding my shoes, it’s too dangerous,” Rosella
assured herself after deciding that it was in her best interest to find her lost foot ware before high tailing it out
of the wretched humid swamp.  Deciding that they couldn’t have fallen far from where she landed herself, the
princess began a shrewd and scrutinizing analysis of the grounds immediately surrounding her.  She parted
thick tufts of grass like a long carpet in hopes of turning up her favorite black heels, but alas they were not to
be found.  Turning this way and that, Rosella had all but given up hope when she caught a sliver of bright light
in the corner of her eye.  Turning to see what it was, she let out a squeak of excitement as she recognized the
sun gleaming off the silver buckle on one of her shoes.  There they were, bobbing on the surface of the murky
swamp water a dozen feet away!  “Oh dear, there they are!” Rosella exclaimed thinking she had almost given
up hope of finding them.  But now, how was she to get them all the way out there?  Decisions, decisions.  Will