41. There ARE Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Unfortunately for Rosella, some of those fish happen to be sharks!  She soon realized this as she saw the dreaded
dorsal fin break the surface headed in her direction.  In foolish hope, the princess turned and attempted to out swim the
aquatic predator back to shore, and cheat him out of a well-deserved meal.  From the shark’s prospective beneath the
water, Rosella’s tender kicking legs were too good to be true.  A couple flicks of his tail, gave the shark the burst of
speed he needed to catch the hapless princess and gobble her up in one bite.

…Later on, the fisherman sat at the end of his dock gloomily holding his fishing rod, hoping for something, anything he
could sell to the market to provide for he and his wife.  A tug at his line shook him from the dormancy of his wallowing,
and he began fighting and reeling in at the line.  When he thought for sure either his line would break, or his rod was
about ready to snap in half, the old fisherman gave one last heave and what happened next nearly scared him to
death.  A giant shark crested the surface of the water, biting on the end of his line, arcing right over his head, landing on
the dock behind him.  The great shark flopped around for many moments before going still.

The fisherman could not believe his luck.  A fish, no less a shark this size would bring him a fortune at the market!  As
he cut the shark open, getting ready to gut it, he thought about the tales about the bizarre things found inside sharks;
wondering what it was that he would find in this one.  Sifting through the mess, he pulled on a gauzy white material
curiously.  Pantyhose?  The fisherman scratched his beard in thought, then remembered the young girl that had visited
recently.  He carried them in to show his wife, and they both shared a laugh.  “Guess she ended up helping as after all!”

-The End

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