41. Open Water

The endless blue ocean surrounded the determined princess as she swam along in search of Genesta’s Island.  I know
it’s around her somewhere, she thought to herself as she spit out more disgusting saltwater.  As she pushed more water
behind her cupped hands, Rosella began to regret swimming in her gown.  While the slit allowed her to kick her legs, the
drag of the skirt under the water was fast growing taxing on her little muscled legs and arms.  As if to add to her woes,
she found herself in open water.  Looking ahead, she still couldn’t see Genesta’s Island, yet looking back, in the glare of
the sun; she could no longer see any land either!  The question her weakening limbs were dying to ask was: Which way
do I have the strength to make it to?

Keep heading toward Genesta's Island

Head back