38. Good Doggie!

Rosella reached up and turned the great door handle, pushing the door open with a grunt.  The only way she was going
to save Genesta and Tamir was to be brave and face her dangers head on.  She did not however, anticipate that her
“dangers” would include the ogre’s giant bulldog!  But there he was, lumbering toward the surprised princess, as she
stood dumbfounded in the threshold of the ogre’s house.  As she watched the black dog scrambling across the wooden
floor toward her, she couldn’t help the nagging feeling that she had left something “important” in the troll’s cave.  
Shaking her head of the nonsense, Rosella turned to run away, but she had already wasted too much time.  The dog
was upon her.  He opened his large maw wide and went right over Rosella’s scared little head down to her knees in one
gulp.  Lifting her up, she kicked her legs around in classic damsel fashion, losing her pretty black heels before the dog
swallowed her wiggling feet in two more gulps.  With a satisfied burp, the dog meandered back to his little bed, and just
like that, princess Rosella’s adventure had come to an end.

Shortly after, the ogre returned from hunting, and upon entering noticed the girlish perfume scent in the room.  Looking
down, he noticed two doll-like heels scattered on the floor, and his proud dog licking its chops.  On his way into the
kitchen to see what was for dinner, he patted the dog on the head with a hearty “Good Doggie!”

-The End

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