37. Knock, Knock…

Being the polite and well-mannered princess that she was brought up to be, Rosella gave a little knock on the giant door
with her small hand.  A few tense moments passed as she held her breath while leaning in close to listen for the sound
of anyone home.  “I’m coming!” boomed a voice from inside, causing the very startled girl to jump backwards.  In a
moment of appearance consciousness, Rosella adjusted the top of her dress, smoothed out her skirt, and tried to brush
the dust off her pretty black shoes in an attempt to gain back a bit of her nobility.  Brushing back some tresses of her
golden-blonde hair from her face, she settled on tucking them behind her ears, and folded her little hands in front,
feeling that she had done the best she could given the last minute consideration.  As she watched the door handle
turning, Rosella heard her mother’s scolding voice in her head about “posture”, and she quickly arched her back,
keeping her chin up.

The giant wooden door swung open and a giant of a woman greeted the proud young princess.  She was easily twice
Rosella’s height wearing a tattered green wool dress, with a dingy white apron covering it.  “Well, well, well.  What do we
have here?”  She asked in a bellowing voice, looking over the interesting little visitor at her door.  “I wasn’t expecting
dinner to just show up like this,” she added with a toothy grin.  Rosella’s knees were already weak from the ogress’s
presence, but her words caused them to nearly buckle completely.  Her blue eyes and gaping mouth drained the
overflow of fear that filled her slender body.  She put up her little hands in meek defense, but the ogress dismissed them
with one of her own large dirty hands.  The wretched ogre’s wife seemed more interested in the long flowing hair atop
the trembling princess’s head.  Her thick soiled fingers gnarled themselves in Rosella’s beautiful blonde hair, and
hoisted the hapless girl off the ground!  The shock caused Rosella to instantly see spots as she was dragged up and
down, bouncing roughly off the ground by her poor hair into the ogre’s cottage.

When they reached the kitchen, Rosella was hoisted onto the counter top and dropped with a resounding crash.  The
princess tried to orient herself and squirm away while the ogress reached for a stinky old rope on the floor.  Noticing the
girl trying to escape, she grabbed at the hem of her skirt, and pulled her back to the center of counter, and pinned her
with a fat ugly thumb.  Rosella kicked her legs around in a fury, but that only succeeded in forcing her skirt open,
revealing her long white stocking clad legs, and a preview of dinner!  The ogress, kept the squirrelly princess pinned
while she coiled the smelly rope around her again and again.

Moments later, Rosella was effectively bound with rope, and the ends of her long blonde hair, tied to hook, hanging her
above a large black cauldron!  Between the feeling of dreaded warmth beneath her, the ogress setting the table, and
her knotted hair holding her on a hook (she was going to need a LOT of conditioner to get THAT out!), Rosella found it
within herself to squirm a little more.  She only succeeded in causing her shoes to drop from her feet, followed by a
couple plops and a hiss.  Gulp, thought the princess as she curled her little stocking toes in dread.  While she was all for
being the guest of honor at dinner, THIS was a little ridiculous!  It was however, too late for princess Rosella.  The
ogress came toward her menacingly with a large cleaver.  One swipe at the knot in Rosella’s hair, and she dropped into
the boiling stew pot!  Even though it wasn’t very funny to Rosella, her long hair DID kind of resemble spaghetti as it
bubbled around in the water ; )  -Her last thought was “I hope Genesta and co are fairing better than THIS!”

-The End

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