36. Working Girl

Positive that the large wooden bucket was essential to completing her quest, Rosella decided it would be okay to
“borrow” it for a little while, and return it to the humble dwarves after she had finished saving Tamir.  Hoisting it up over
her head, she placed the empty bucket up on the ledge by the mine entrance, satisfied that she could leave it there
while, she followed the path back up the exit, and pick it up on her way out.  Turning while taking her first step, Rosella
almost barreled into the lot of dwarves that stood there tapping their feet, arms crossed over their chests, faces not so
happy.  In all her cleverness, princess Rosella had not noticed the lack of clanging and hammering as they caught wind
of a thief in their midst.  A serious and hard working bunch, the dwarves did not take kindly to a soft-handed princess
type stealing from their mine.  Rosella gulped at her predicament.

Moments later, she found herself with a chain around her neck and ankle, fastened to the wall of the mine, and a
pickaxe in her hands.  Before long, her beautiful red gown was torn and dirty, pretty white stockings soiled and run, feet
aching in her heels, blonde hair a sweaty mess, and calluses on her previously soft slender hands.  Foolish Rosella had
hard work under the watchful eyes of the dwarves to look forward to for the rest of her days.  When’s break time!?

-The End

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